Wednesday, October 1, 2014

God Thinking LXI - Good Theology 4

"Anthropologist have the hardest time ignoring the Word of God, because time after time, discovery after discovery, the archaeologist keep on discovering what God said did exist, that the anthropologist said didn’t exist.

Physiology - The study of the biological science of life processes.  Over and over again the bible reveals the truth about the species and how each kind procreates its own.  The origin of man, the origin of the races, the origin of the languages, are clearly spelled out. 

To seek out knowledge about the origin of man without the Word of God is fruitless and inconclusive.  Only the scriptures tell the whole story.

The study is psychology.  A man or a woman that trains in the science of understanding the complexities of the mind and stops short of finding their way back to the cause, the maker of the mind -  has little to offer the un-regenerated man, and nothing to offer the regenerated man.
When the secular psychologist looks into the mind of man without the aid of the indwelling Holy Spirit and the wisdom that comes from above - it’s like their standing on the outside of a building that has no windows and guessing what is inside.

The origins for life are found in the scriptures.
The history of man is found in the scriptures.
The history of the universe is found in the scriptures.

And, the solutions for every problem, every circumstance, every trouble, every situation in this life, are found in the scriptures."

 Excerpt from God Thinking LXI - Good Theology by Keith C. Powell                                                    Copyright 2014

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