Thursday, July 24, 2014

God Thinking LVI - No Stale Bread Here 4

"Oh what distress to have your true self revealed and posted for all to see.  Not the painting of the one you painted for everyone to see, but the real person, the whole person, revealed and stripped of all the makeup that cover up the inner man.
Over the years many people have learned, become proficient, even professionals at hiding - covering up - not disclosing - even denying what they entertain and love - what they desire and seek after - what they strive for and purchase with their stewardship monies. 
The words of your mouth and the meditation of your heart reflect your relationship with God.  Inwardly you should be the same person that you are outwardly and inwardly you should love and adore the things of God so that outwardly you would reflect the shenikah glory of God. (The shekinah glory is that glow that is revealed to others when you have been in the presence of God).

Inwardly you should be the same person that you are outwardly, and when you are not (when your outer man and your inner man are not the same), three easily noticeable and measurable things happen:

1     You can and will fool some people into believing you are something or someone that you are not.

2     You lesson your ability to be renewed day by day, because you grieve the Holy Spirit and your ability to worship God in spirit and truth becomes lessened.

3     you separate yourself from God, thereby reducing or removing altogether God’s cooperative supernatural intervention in your life. (In other words what God does that you cannot do, that you know that God is doing on your behalf, because you are doing the will of the Father.) - God’s cooperative supernatural intervention.

Also it is just as important that you reveal your true self to the body of Christ (to those in the body of Christ who show genuine concern about you as an individual - those who care about you and your overall quality of life.)"
 Excerpt from God Thinking LVI - No Stale Bread Here by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014

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