Thursday, July 17, 2014

God Thinking LV - Life Is Like A Soufflé 6

"If you take what you have and use God’s recipe for life, you will find: Let this speak to your spirit.
Immediate relief from the pressures of this world
Plenty of time to accomplish your goals in life
All the resources you need to get to the desired end

Wait there’s more, you also receive:
  • Peace in your life that goes beyond explanation
  • Comfort that comes with knowing that God is with you
  • Joy in your spirit, because you understand God is for you and not against you like you have been taught for so many years.
If what you think is that the heavy hand of God pressing in on you and holding you down, and keeping you from an enjoying, productive and prosperous life; religion did that to you, not God.  God thinking demands that you believe the right things about God. 
If you have always thought or ever thought that it was God that was crushing you and raking you over the coals, tempting you to see if you will break, bringing trouble your way to see what you were made of - You need to be set free. 
2     Every thing that God does for you, in you and through you is good.

Excerpt from God thinking LIV - Life Is Like A Souffle by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014

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