Wednesday, July 2, 2014

God Thinking LV - Life Is Like A Soufflé 2

"Today, we have a lot of Christians with their cupboards full of all the right ingredients, but without instruction in baking,  (a recipe in righteous living), they cannot make a soufflé, (a fulfilled life). 

A soufflé takes a good recipe and so does a fulfilled life.

God created a recipe for life that when all the ingredients are gathered up and mixed together, create a beautiful fulfilled life. 

If you follow God’s recipe for living, you will live a fulfilled life.

I hope you are hearing me.  A fulfilled life is God’s plan for anyone who will use His recipe for life.

For just a moment, I want you to think about one of those times when you were trying to make a soufflé (to make something out of life for your self, a plan, or a business, or a relationship), but you didn’t have or didn’t use the right recipe, (God’s recipe for life).  You threw the ingredients together without careful thought and you ended up with a ?????? 

You know what.  It would please me to tell you that only once in your life, will you make the mistake of carelessly throwing together the ingredients that you were given to work with, and only once will you make a mess of it, but it wouldn’t be true. 
More than once, you have taken what God gave you (the ingredients you have to work with) and made far less than a fulfilled life."

Excerpt from God thinking LIV - Life Is Like A Souffle by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014

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