Wednesday, June 25, 2014

God Thinking LIV - Did You Create Your Own Religion? 7

"God never received and was never impressed with how the religious or the irreligious have adulterated His Word, His truths, His plans and His way.

The reason for dealing with this subject, is not to talk down denominational organizations or to elevate non-denominations, it is to let you know that the truth is not found in organizations of any kind, it is found in the Word of God.
The truth is found in those who love God and seek Him with their whole heart, in spite of their religious affiliation.
God wants a people that love Him and seek Him and adore Him and understand Him and follow Him.  And the more you seek God through simple faith and the more you turn from specialized belief systems, the better off you will be.
As much as I would like to believe that (my church - your church) represents God’s truths with honor and integrity, you can make the same mistake as others if you take your eyes off of Jesus.
To make sure that you honor God, and that you don’t make the mistakes of the past and to make sure you don’t start to worship the organization, or trust in your heritage, you need to read the Word of God (on your own). 
As you read the Word of God, seeking the truths of God (without any motive other than to please God and to be built up in the faith), the importance of insignificant doctrines and special rules that apply only to a certain select few and only apply if you are a member will become inconsequential. 
When you seek God through His Word, looking deep within for the purpose of being changed, the Word comes alive and brings light into whatever darkness still resides in your life.  And given enough time, God will replace every thought to His glory."

Excerpt from God thinking LIV - Did You Create Your Own Religion? by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014



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