Wednesday, May 28, 2014

God Thinking LII - Fruitless 1

"God thinking demands that you gain insight into the mind of God, via inspiration - And then move forward with that inspiration and act upon the insight you received from that inspiration.
God thinking was never and is never about you gaining knowledge and then idly expecting that the knowledge and wisdom that you have gained, will, in and of itself, attain you to anything.  This happened to the Greeks in pre-Christ days.  They became so full of knowledge that they began to think they were something that they were not.  They began to think that they were Gods - thus, Greek mythology.
It happened in Rome, Constantinople, China, Mexico and Tibet.  Whole nations fell into satan’s snare.
Elevated thinking without the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is fruitless, selfish, frivolous and temporal.
The implied meaning of God thinking is: that, as you are inspired and motivated (by what God has said) or (by what God is doing in your life), you then respond to that knowledge, wisdom, inspiration or motivation to accomplish the will of God that was revealed to you by God in or through the inspiration or motivation.
The thought that God thinking might somehow be interpreted to mean (self-elevation) derived from information that is exclusive to you - so that your inner man can be nourished and filled while the outer man is still wallowing in worldly pursuits  is foolishness."
Excerpt from God thinking LII - Fruitless - by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014

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