Saturday, May 17, 2014

God Thinking LI - Mining The Mind Of God 5

"God wants you to think in a way that brings joy to your life and glory to God.  God knows what it is that makes that happen and He supplies you with what you need to bring it about.

God Thinking is all about how you think and what you think about.  It matters, because much, if not all, of your spiritual battles are fought in the mind.

We are going to learn something significant about the nature of truth in this message. 

The outcome of your life - or the fruit of your life is in direct relation to the truths from God that are yours. 

God spoke His truth and is speaking His truth to you.  God has already verbalized all that is necessary for you to have and enjoy all of God’s creation and to have and enjoy a personal relationship with God, through Christ.

God did this through the written Word.  God has already spoken through His prophets and to His people. 

Every truth from God stays constantly true.  Whether you of anyone else believes what God has said, what God has said is always true.  But whether you believe what God says or not determines whether what God says is true - for you or not.

Excerpt from God Thinking LI -  Mining God's Mind by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014




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