Saturday, May 10, 2014

God thinking LI - Mining God's Mind 1

"The mind is a terrible thing to waste.  And we need not waste ours. 

God desires that we have a sound mind. 


God doesn’t tell us to do something or to be something and then leave us alone to try and ascend to it. 


What God does, is tell us how to do something or how to be something and then shows us through example and confirms it by His own Word.


God doesn’t expect that you will have a naturally tendency to use your mind for the glory of God.  God knows that your natural tendency is of a lessor sort.  So when God speaks to you through His Word, not only does He speak to you, but God speaks into you, if you receive it.

As you seek after God’s will, (your mind being influenced by the mind of God), when God speaks into you, what God speaks into you becomes part of who you are.  God speaks into your mind the things of God and then you seek after and thrive on the things of God more than ever.  

Your natural or carnal mind changes into a spiritual mind every time you hear and abide in the Word of God.  When God speaks into you, His Word is performed in you and through you, when it becomes true for you.  

When God speaks to you, what God has said is not yet yours.  You cannot operate in or under (what God speaks into you) with authority until it is yours, and it becomes yours by believing it and receiving it, by faith."
Excerpt from God Thinking LI -  Mining God's Mind by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014

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