Sunday, May 4, 2014

God Thinking L - One Word 10

"Whatever befalls us, that stretches our faith, we need to hold tight, knowing that God’s grace is sufficient for even the most difficult of times.
Whatever comes our way, we need to rest assured that God’s grace already contains the solution.
When it looks real dark and there’s just no hope, we need to bring to the very top of our mind, “God’s grace is sufficient.”
When it looks like you just can’t overcome the desire for something, when your sure you just can’t handle it, just call on the grace of God, reach out and let God pour out more grace to you, more than you deserve. 
God’s grace can overcome anything, any habit, any time, any place, anywhere.
Here’s another poem that attempts to unveil just a little of God’s grace.
Even when I make mistakes and fail to do my best
I sense that God is urging me, to come to Him and rest
Even when I know that I lost the battle at hand
I sense that God has won the war and the battle was in His plan
Even when I cannot see the forest for the trees
I sense that God has gone before and I’m right where I should be
Even when the times are hard and there’s no rest at all
I sense that God has gone before me, so that I won’t fall
Even when I’ve let God down and knew what I had done
I sense that God looks right at me and sees His only Son
Even the fiercest enemy has no rightful place
Wherever there is present, just a little of God’s grace.
God’s grace has already done what I could never do
And that is give my only Son for the likes of me and you
 Say this prayer with me if you agree:

Jesus, You have truly shown me what true spirituality is all about. 
You have shed new light on my heart. 
and given me something to ponder in my mind
It is far above the thoughts of man.
But I accept, the mind of Christ, by Your grace.
May my adoration for Your ways increase day by day.
Thank you for Your grace.  

Grace be unto you my friends.
Excerpt from God Thinking L - One Word by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014


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