Monday, March 31, 2014

God Thinking XLVIII - Turning Back 8

"What does Your worship affect? 
Everything about who you are.
Everything about why you are here.
Everything about why you have past through so much.
Everything about where you are going.
  • Your worship affects your perspective.
  • Your worship affects your mind-set
  • Your worship affects your opportunity.
  • Your worship affects your disposition.
  • Your worship affects your character.
  • Your worship affects your temperament.
  • Your worship affects your relationship with your God - your spouse - your children - your parents - your relatives your friends.
  • Your worship affects your ability to love - your hope - your joy - your peace.
  • Your worship affects your health - your emotional stability - your bodies ability to heal - your mental health - your jobs - your direction - your everything.

There is nothing that completes a man or a woman more than praise and worship, with understanding.
Nothing compares to a moment in the presence of God where God receives Your sacrifice of praise and increases Your faith. 
The Word of God says in Hebrews 13:15, "By him, (i.e. Christ), therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of Your lips giving thanks to his name."
God uses Your sacrifice of praise and worship to increase your faith so that your new increased faith will positively affect:
  • Your understanding
  • Your knowledge
  • Your wisdom
  • Your authority
  • Your inspiration
  • Your enlightenment
  • Your ability to ascertain opportunity
  • Your ability to rightly discern         
  • Your ability to positively affect those around you
In God’s self disclosure to man, God did not reveal every attribute and every truth in an instant.  God designed you to receive from Him a portion of truth precept upon precept, truth upon truth, faith upon faith, glory upon glory.
   Excerpt from God Thinking XLVIII - Turning Back by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014


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