Wednesday, March 19, 2014

God Thinking XLVII - Unlearning 8

"If the content fits the biblical description of what you should listen to found in Philippians 4:8 and elsewhere, then you should listen carefully.  

But just as important in taking heed what you hear is to identify what you are not going to listen to attentively and carefully, because just as important as what we give your undivided attention to, is what you cut off from giving your attention to.

Just as important as what you learn is what you do not let yourself learn. 

Just as important as what allow yourself to learn is what you consciously unlearn

“Take heed what ye hear” must be understood in the context of itself, “with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you:” “In what measure ye mete”, really means; in what measure - equal to what time - or to what degree you give your attention - “it shall be measured to you”; it shall be given back to you in equal proportion.  
In this text it is important to see that God is clearly telling us that what we hear should be measured by first evaluating whether we should even hear it or not and then evaluate it to whatever degree of intensity or attention we are going to give it. 
If you decided to listen and you listen attentively and seek out the truth from the depths of your heart, you will receive the fullness of the message.  And the Word says in the later part of verse 24, “and unto you that hear shall more be given.
I’ll tell you what.  If you hear what God has to say to you and eat it up, and enjoy it, and let it dress you up, or let it dress you down - if you hear it and measure out that you are going to receive every bit of it that is available:  God says, “and unto you that hear (shall more be given).

The only way that you can grow (in God's will) is to receive what God has to say, and if you do, God promises to give you more.  When it comes to God, more is better.

God Thinking empowers you by putting you in a position to receive impartations from God.  These impartations are the direct result of the combination of:

ü   Revelation from the Word of God (derived from self-study and sitting under a ministry, i.e., anointed preaching)
ü   Inspired knowledge received while under the influence of the Holy Spirit (derived from preaching or self-study)
ü   God’s response to worship and praise that is pleasing to God) - God inhabits the praises of His people by .
ü   Faith spurts (with every leap of faith, we experience what it is like to be drawn closer to God that ever before.  With each faith to faith experience, God imparts more of Himself to us, because with each faith spurt we are better equipped for God to operate in us and through us.   
with - Lastly, these impartations are the direct result of:
           A receptive heart and mind.

Excerpt from God Thinking XLVII - Unlearning by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014



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