Friday, January 31, 2014

God thinking XLIII - Inspired Tools 1

"If you are willing, God will respond to your faith, whatever it is, by revealing to you what you really need from God.
The body of Christ is starving for serious - how to - tools that can be easily accessed and used in their daily routine. Many other, not so practical spiritual experiences are available at every corner and on TV twenty four hours a day, but the kind that is personalized and custom fitted just for you is in your sanctuary or in your home private place to be with God or in some special place where you let go of the everyday things to connect with God, or in the writings of those who have blazed the trail before you. 
Wherever it is that Christ becomes more real to you is where you need to be. 
If you are thinking, how could that be?  Then hear me closely today and see if you agree.
I am going to share some of those serious - how to - tools custom fitted, just for you, but nothing I say is to be remembered - Only write down that which God speaks to your heart. 
Write down what God reveals to you today.  It will be a message from God to you, that you can count on and move on, by faith.
God Thinking requires faith.
What do you have faith to believe?
Do you have faith enough to believe that you have been forgiven for your sins?
Do you have enough faith to hold up when family members have gone astray?

Do you have enough faith to pray for your sons or daughters, moms or dads, family and friends, and then (wait on the Lord) to see the work of the hand of God, in God’s timing?   

Do you have the kind of faith that says yes to God when He puts a call on your heart?

Don’t be afraid to write down what God is speaking to you. Don’t hesitate, for God is pleased to reveal to you, what you need to hear about His plan for your life."
Excerpt from God Thinking XLIII - Inspired Tools - by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014

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