Sunday, January 26, 2014

God Thinking XLII - Defragging Your Mind 7

"Many people have mistaken something that resembles the truth for the truth itself.  That’s why there are so many philosophies, so many denominations, so many religions, so much wrong thinking. 

If it is wrong in the essence it is bound to be wrong in the results.
That’s why a lot of well meaning people are all mixed up about who God is and how to live a life with value and integrity and excellence.  In a spiritually created world, created by a spiritual God, they are trying to respond to life without activating spiritual thinking. 
Most people sense a need for spiritual awareness, but they want to experience it carnally.  It cannot be done.
The Pharisees tried it and it didn’t work for them. 
The spiritist tried it and it doesn’t work for them. 
The Buddhist try it, but it doesn’t work for them. 
The cults try it but it doesn’t work for them. 
The Muslims try it, but it doesn’t work for them either, because there is no true spiritual life without the essence of the Spirit and the essence of the Spirit can only be found in Jesus Christ.

God will not change or condescend His essence to fulfill the desire of those who pretend to be spiritual, those who nurture wrong thinking.  God got enough of that from the Jews, when He came to visit. 

God will not allow those without the Spirit of God to have the peace, the joy or the understanding that He allows those with the Spirit of God.  That is why when you are born again, God sends His Holy Spirit to indwell you, because the Spirit of God can discern spiritual things rightly. 

The Holy Spirit transforms the way you used to think into the way you should think, more so as you yield to God."
Excerpt from God Thinking XLII - Defragging Your Mind - by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014

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