Sunday, January 19, 2014

God Thinking XLII - Defragging Your Mind 1

"God thinking is the renewing of your mind to think like God.
Let’s take a quick look at some of those principles that are the building blocks of God thinking.
1.   Time expended is of no consequence.  You need to be careful not to put much of your time in the past.  It is not profitable to wallow in the mire of past things.
2.    You are a direct result of God.  Understanding the connection between God and man and learning how to operate in that connection is essential in your quest to reach your goals, dreams, breakthroughs, answered prayers, true success.
3.    “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he...”  This verse from Proverbs has a profound meaning, hidden by centuries of misinterpretation.  This verse speaks clearly about the way a man thinks, and really has nothing to do with what he thinks himself to be.
This 4th principle may be the most important of all.  This is one of those must remember principles of God thinking.
4.    God is not the author of bad things. 
The question shouldn’t be “why do bad things happen to good people?”, the question should be, “what are we going to do with what God allowed to happen?”    
The former way of thinking about the valleys of life cause you to doubt God.
God thinking causes you to trust God.  
5.    Bad things that happen, anything that is not for your good was generated from one or all of these three things:
ü     The fall of man - tempted by satan
ü     The results of, or- what was left behind by those before us - generational inheritance
ü     Or your own free will
6.    God thinking requires less focus on where you’ve been and more focus on where you’re going.
7.    It is not true that you don’t have enough time.  God thinking teaches you how to dispose the day wisely.
8.    God thinking causes you to look and seek to create what pleases God.
9.    God thinking requires that you take responsibility for your future.
10.      God thinking requires that you think differently.
ü   Thoughts of success
ü   Thoughts of giving to others
ü   Thoughts of getting understanding that creates wisdom from God.
ü   Thoughts that plan ahead and carefully use the moments at hand.
ü   Thoughts that foresee great things
ü   Thoughts that reach beyond your present circumstances
ü   Thoughts that require God’s help
ü   Thoughts that fit a child of God
ü   Thoughts that conform to what God has in Mind for you
Note: Modern Christians are not as likely to want to adhere to Biblical principles as those who have gone before us.  Modernity has had its way in lessoning the truth of God through watered-down preaching, commercialization of Christianity, money grabbing through multiple scams and cons, claiming one thing and doing another, pitiful worldly lifestyles and so much more.  It is difficult to get the attention of those who think that the Word of God has no real pertinence in their life today.  It will be a real battle to get back to thinking that you are to live a holy life.  What's your plan?
Excerpt from God Thinking XLII - Defragging your mind - by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014

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