Tuesday, December 3, 2013

God Thinking XXXIX - Have You Had Enough Of You Yet? 4

"God Thinking will always point you to reach out to God and get what’s yours. 

God Thinking speaks about a sweet Savior, one not to be forgotten day to day, but praised and worshiped. 

God Thinking sees the Word of God, (not only as the final authority for godly living and righteous stewardship), but the only authority for godly living and righteous stewardship.  

God Thinking yields to the leading of the Holy Spirit and resigns all to the Word of God.  

God Thinking sees the throne of God as the place of acceptance, where in God’s presence, God’s people are most comfortable. 

Can you pray this prayer?

Holy Father, help me to worship you in Spirit and truth.

Help me to seek your face.

Help me to accept the changes you make in me.

Help me to believe you and to be able to distinguish your voice from that of religion.

Help me to trust your Word.


Are you ready to draw closer to God today?
James exhorts us to “Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh unto you...”  James 4:8

The Word of God says draw nigh to God.  If you were already as close as you could get, then drawing nigh wouldn’t be an option.  But God calls you to draw nigh, because He knows that every time you draw nigh, you will get closer, and no matter how close you get, you can draw nigh and get closer still. 

Drawing nigh to God - being in the presence of God, is by choice. 

God willed that you would have to will to receive Christ - Even though God draws you to Himself, by Christ, you don’t have to come." 

You don’t have to receive the free gift of salvation.  Neither do you have to draw closer to God.   

When you draw close to God, you get closer:
  • Not because you are pure - but to be purified.
  • Not because you are holy, but to be made holy.
  • Not because you are righteous, but to receive righteousness.
  • Not because you are complete, but to be made complete.
  • Not because you have it all together, but so that God can put it all together."
Excerpt from God Thinking XXXIX - Have you had enough of you yet? by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2013

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