Sunday, December 1, 2013

God Thinking XXXIX - Have You Had Enough Of You Yet? 2

"Many people have had enough experience living outside of God’s design for their lives.  As believers, once we discover, by revelation, that God’s principles for living provides God’s  perfect will for us, we begin to retrofit  the way we have been doing things, to a new way, a time honored way, an ancient way, God’s way.
Every time you receive new revelation, you rejoice in your new revelation.  You also briefly reflect on the years or seasons gone by, that you did not operate within the parameters of the principles that God established for your life and for your stewardship.
Many people aren’t excited about following the principles of God, because they don’t see results in the lives of people who say they are following the principles of God.  
The uncommitted (within the body of Christ) are quite often basing the degree of their commitment on the lives of the uncommitted.  They are looking around, basing what they think God can do on what they see coming out of a powerless and uncommitted generation.
The uncommitted are watching the uncommitted and they get discouraged, because:
They don’t see the promises of God being fulfilled in their lives.
They don’t see the power to overcome.
They don’t see the peace that passes understanding.
They don’t see the joy flowing out of the believer.
They don’t see the fruit of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

And because they, (the uncommitted) don’t see it, in the lives of (the uncommitted) they don’t think God’s way works."

Excerpt from God Thinking XXXIX - Have you had enough of you yet? by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2013

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