Monday, December 30, 2013

God Thinking XL - Nothing Less Will Do - Nothing Else Will Work 6

"I don’t want you to miss the revelation of God that is about to be unwrapped
The devil doesn’t mind if you read the Word, as long as you don’t believe it or practice it, as long as you don’t allow God to work in you and through you. 
As long as you don’t trust in Jesus Christ and do what Jesus says, the devil isn’t even concerned. 
All around the world people believe that Jesus was a real man, some even believe he was a prophet, some even that he was a good man, but the Jesus of the Koran cannot save you.
The Jesus of the Baghivad Ghida cannot save you.  
The Jesus that may have walked the earth and died can’t save anybody. 
The devil isn’t concerned about any of it - but the Jesus that saves souls.
  • The Jesus that fills.
  • The Jesus that provides.
  • The Jesus that heals.
  • The Jesus that delivers. 
  • The Jesus that forgives.
  • The Jesus that reveals.
  • The Jesus that gives what you did not earn.
  • The Jesus that takes you from where you were to where you are.
  • The Jesus that takes you from where you are to your next Jesus stop.
  • The Jesus that makes something out of nothing
  • The Jesus that gives hope where there is not hope
  • The Jesus that let’s you see God through Him
  • The Jesus that meets you here.
  • The Jesus that sets us free from every worry and every burden we give Him.
  • The Jesus of the scriptures
Now, the devil is concerned about this Jesus.
Do you know why?
Because, when the revelation of what God wants from you hits you
  • When you get what God is trying to get to you
  • When you get the revelation, that God already spoke in His Word to you
  • When you decide to believe God and let Him give to you what is rightfully yours 
  • When you decide to turn back and take up where your faith left off
  • When you make a commitment to quit listening to your arch enemy
  • When you start believing that you must obey your Father in heaven and that nothing else will do.
Hear me:

People today want to jump from one glory to another, when God is calling you to be seasoned in preparation for a mighty outpouring of His Holy Spirit."

Excerpt from God thinking XL - Nothing Less Will Do - Nothing Else Will Work by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2013

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