Wednesday, October 30, 2013

God Thinking XXXVI - Seeking God In All The Wrong Places 5

  • "You must come to a place where you seek God, just to find Him.
  •  You come as you are, but you leave not as you were. 
  • You let go of your desires, for a time, to have a glimpse of God.
  • You must forget about what you want, for just long enough to get caught up in the glory of His presence.
  • You must, for just a moment, lay down your talents, skills, abilities to be in communion with your Maker.   God is not easily impressed - you must leave our ego at the door that enters into the presence of God.
  • You must set aside all the senseless worry, the stress, your debt, your mistakes, your past - all for a moment with the Master.
  • You must seek to abide in Christ, to be converted and changed and purified, so you can see Him more clearly than before.
  • You must pray the Holy Spirit will purge you from any part of yourself that would keep you from a divine appointment.  
There never was Christianity without seeking and finding God.  That’s religion.

Excerpt from God Thinking XXXVI - Seeking God In All The Wrong Places by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2013


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