Sunday, October 27, 2013

God Thinking XXXVI - Seeking God In All The Wrong Places 2

"What has happened over the years, is that, people have looked (in the bible and in the church) for things that can be found in the church, other than God, and they have found them.  

Once they find these other things, even things from God, they feel they have found God.  They become secure in the thing they have found and not the Maker of the thing that they found.   

In Church you can find religion - People find religion and it becomes their God.  They follow its precepts and its dogma, its rules and its teachings.  They like all the trappings that come with religion. They like all the platitudes that come with being from the right religion or the biggest group or the richest group. But God is not a religion.  

In Church you can find spiritual gifts - Too many people today, seek the gifts more than the gift giver.  The gifts become the thing.  The gifts become the relationship.  The gifts come before obedience and faith and trust and loyalty and agreement and praise and worship.  But God is not a spiritual gift. 

In Church you can find blessings - There are tens of millions of people that go to church for the blessing and they will find it, because there are countless blessings given out  in God’s sanctuaries.  But God is not the blessing.

Who among you is coming to find God?  Who is seeking for God to reveal more of Himself to them? 
  • Not for the benefits
  • Not for the accolades
  • Not for the notoriety
  • Not to be noticed
  • Not to judge yourself against another
  • Not to prove something
  • Not for any reason other than to worship God.
Excerpt from God Thinking XXXVI - Seeking God In All The Wrong Places by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2013

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