Wednesday, October 2, 2013

God Thinking XXVII - Getting To Know God Better 1

"God Thinking teaches you to think about God.  God thinking teaches you to think high and lofty thoughts about God.
God thinking says that God is:
Along the way you have learned many things that help you.  You have learned many truths that help you to love your spouse more and to be more tolerant with your children; and you have learned to seek the face of God more often and to take seriously the counsel of God.
God has drawn you nearer.  You have drawn nearer to God.  You seek God earlier than you used to.  You have begun to bring God into everything you do.
Note: I'll bet you think it uncanny that this describes your current feelings toward God.
You have received tools to make you better:
Tools to raise your children
Tools to fight against your enemy
Tools that help you to grow; spiritual, emotionally, financially, even physically.
Tools that empower you
You have received blessings, one after another.
You have spent moments with God; for some of you, you have spent more quality time and quantity time with God this year than ever before in your life.

You have seen the lost, found.

Each of you has many things to thank and praise and worship God, for. 

It would be quite a shame if you took for granted the many wonderful blessings that God has given you."
Excerpt from God Thinking XXVII - Getting To Know God Better by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2013

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