Saturday, September 21, 2013

God Thinking XXVI - Sensing God 7

"Every day, you are confronted with options that demand your attention.  Even though your spirit senses and determines what is right and should be pursued, and senses what is wrong and should be avoided - your mind rationalizes to get what it wants and your body craves to get what it wants.  

The spirit calls the inner man to high and holy ground.  The spirit is pure and holy and healthy.  The spirit reveals, unveils, unlocks, enlightens, lifts, frees, empowers, and encourages us to be like Christ. 

The flesh often:
  • succumbs
  • is easily tricked
  • is stubborn
  • refuses instruction
  • hides things
  • is selfish
  • is not concerned about our quality of life
  • chooses pleasure over discipline
And the mind often:
  • is easily deceived
  • is quite often chooses the lesser road
  • is sometimes irrational
  • rationalizes what it wants
  • is easily provoked
  • chooses escape above commitment
But the spirit:
  • is not easily deceived
  • and is not easily influenced unless it is God, because your spirit is the closest part of yourself to God.
Excerpt from God Thinking XXVI - Sensing God by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2013

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