Sunday, August 25, 2013

God Thinking XXIV - Prepare To Be Prepared 11

"Now, I am going to speak to three kinds of people.   

1     If you live your life separate from God, when you cross over into the unknown, you will continue to live separate from God.

2     If you include God in your life, activities, lifestyle, long term and short term goals, decisions and everyday operations, you will continue to be guided and protected.

3     If you decide to trust God, believe God, put faith in God, praise God, Worship God, listen to God and obey God, you will be directed by God to fulfill what God prophesied for you.

In God’s foreknowledge rest’s your future: And God has revealed His plan for mankind.

If you will not turn around and head towards God, you seal your own fate - not because God predestined your rejection (like some think), not because God caused you to disobey Him, not because God has favorites, (like some think).  No, it will  be because, in God’s foreknowledge, He sees what you choose and figures that into - who you will become. 
If you choose to reject Him, God sees the consequences and it becomes true.
If you choose to accept Him, God sees the blessings and they become fulfilled.
If you choose to receive all that God has for you and you choose to submit your whole self to Him, God sees what He intended for you .........................."

Excerpt from God Thinking XXIV - Prepare To Be Prepared by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2013

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