Thursday, August 15, 2013

God Thinking XXIV - Prepare To Be Prepared 6

"Today there are many more people asking the question, ”What has God prepared for me?”  - than are asking “What has God prepared me for? 
Notice the difference. Our whole society is clamoring for God to give us something.  Sermon after sermon is devoted toward what God can do for you.  Huge deals are struck between believer and God, all the while ministries are merchandising the Givers gifts like costume jewelry at a flea market.
Our society wants to get - so bad, they will bargain their own future, their birthright, their own families basic needs - some will even bargain their own souls to get what they want.
We have an entire population of Christians that were raised on sugar coated, candy-bar Christianity.  Extracting the sugar out of true Christianity like extracting sugar out of a maple tree. 
They want it sweet. 
No bitter herbs for this bunch. 

No sacrifice of praise for them. 

No suffering under the banner of loyalty to the Master.
Have you noticed that the modern day preacher/teacher/prophet is more afraid of the people in His or Her congregation than they are of God. 
Many are afraid to tell the truth. 
Sometimes the truth hurts.
Sometimes the truth isn’t self-fulfilling.
Sometimes the truth reveals who we really are.
Sometimes the truth doesn’t deliver the message we were looking for.
Thus saith the LORD, once meant the will of God for mankind.  God is not careful about what He says to us if He sees us going astray.  He calls us back with a sense of urgency.  God doesn’t call us back with a sugar coated:  
  • Say-what-we-want-to-hear
  • Have-it-all-our-way
  • Please-put-me-on-your-schedule
  • Come-at-your-convenience CALL.
Here me:
While the candy-bar Christian is being fed by a vending machine church, (so that whatever they don’t like about what God has said, about who they are supposed to be) God is holding fast.
  • God has said what He has said, one time. 
  • God doesn’t have to tweak what He says.
  • What God has said, works.
  • What God has done, is right.
  • What God says will be, will be.
God was not careful to point to Jesus and say, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”  2 Peter 1:17

Excerpt from God Thinking XXIV - Pre To Be Prepared by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2013

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