Thursday, July 25, 2013

God Thinking XXIII - Under The Spout 3

"Don’t get this mixed up. 
You are not going to get more saved than you are right now.  This is not about intellect.  “The smarter people get more of God.”  That isn’t true.

This is not about works, as if by working you could achieve or receive salvation.  That isn’t true. 

This is about moving forward with God and becoming as close and intimate as possible with God.

It is about understanding, that, only by growing in Christ can you move forward and enjoy more of what God has available.

Do you remember a time when you did not know Christ?
Do you have the same power and authority over your life that you had then?
Since you came to a personal relationship with Christ, has your faith increased?

Recently, have you learned or received from God new truths or revelation that has helped you develop a better understanding of yourself and increase your faith?
OK.  God is pouring out His Spirit in these last days."
Excerpt from God Thinking XXIII - Under The Spout by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2013


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