Wednesday, June 26, 2013

God Thinking XXI - Know Your Enemy 3

"Jesus Christ is for you, blessing you and giving you the very best. Filling you with Himself.  Helping you on your journey.  Drawing you close to Himself.  Jesus Christ sends His angels to minister to you and protect you, to reveal and enlighten.  God and the Holy angels are working day and night saving you:
  • saving you from yourself
  • saving you from disasters
  • saving you from car wrecks - bad decisions - poor choices.
And when you were down and ready to just give up, God put His hand of comfort out to lift you up.  God blesses you and enlightens you - empowers you and protects you - teaches you - embraces you - fill you.

Here’s what happens:  Every time you start to make progress in godly living, or you become stronger in the faith; every time you become empowered, or comforted or filled, your enemy takes note.

Of all the people that satan hates and seeks to destroy, Christian’s are his arch enemy.

Many people have a false view of who satan is and why he does what he does? 

Do you believe what God says about the devil or have you created your own devil, who is less dangerous and almost non-existent?"

Excerpt from God Thinking XXI - Know Your Enemy by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2013

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