Saturday, June 15, 2013

God Thinking XX - It's Not time That's The Problem...10

"You know, some people can’t live without having everything. And the resources that they could be using to help bring to success their goal or dream, is expended on unrelated and quite often insignificant things.

If you want God to assist you in reaching your life’s goal, long term, short term or right now, you have to give God something to work with.  It has to be more than an idea, more than frivolous talk, more than a silly notion. 

The LORD says, “commit thy way”. 

There is a lesson we can learn from the pelican.  God feeds the pelican well, but seldom will you see a fish jump into a pelican’s mouth while the pelican is perched on a pole.

It is time to go to the LORD and pray.

It’s time to make a decision.

God wills for you to want or desire something more than just existence.

If you go to God in prayer and make a decision to move forward, God has something to work with.

Dedicate some time to it.

     Budget some funds toward it.

          Pray over it again and again.

Stop the futile struggle in the, “I wish this or that was different" game or “If only I had more money”, or “if only I had more time” or “If only I were more educated.”

If you have an honest goal and you have applied the threefold foundation of God thinking to it, and you have confirmation from the Holy Spirit to get on with it, there isn’t anybody or any time better suited than you, right now for the task." 
Excerpt from God Thinking XX - It's Not Time That's The Problem by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2013


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