Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thinking XVIII - The Way You Think 19

"God thinking demands a high and lofty view of God.  Truly, the way you see God ultimately determines the results of your faith, for you receive God by faith.  To know God you must receive God by faith.  You receive who God is by His Spirit.  And it is by the indwelling Holy Spirit that you know God at all.  Apart from the Holy Spirit, you know not God, nor can you, because God can only be rightly known of Himself.

God has opened up His truth to you. 

·     You are the one who are called out in this generation to do God’s will. 

·     You are the one who are called to give testimony of His greatness. 

·     You are the one who reveal Christ to this generation. 

·     You are the one given the challenge to evangelize the world with the good news of salvation by faith in Jesus.

·     You are the one that reveal the intimate relationship between God and man.

·     You have the truth about the Messiah.

What are you doing with all this knowledge that you are receiving from God?

God Thinking XVIII - The Way You Think by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2013

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