Monday, May 20, 2013

God thinking XIX - Growing In Grace 2

  • "Grace is the unmerited favor that God gives to each and every person that comes to Him when He calls. 
  • Grace is when we answer the call of God to be born again and God accepts us into His fold as a child of God in our current condition.
  • Grace is the continuing gift from God that does not stop working on our behalf when we stop working on God’s behalf.
  • Grace cannot be earned or achieved. 
  • Grace is the simplest and yet the most profound and powerful truth ever created
If you want to speak to others about the most important subject to heart of God, talk about grace.  Grace is the one truth that all other truths hinge upon.  All theology - all philosophy - all religion, if not founded on grace is just a mental assent to an undetermined destination.

What does it mean to grow in grace?

It is vital to our faith that we grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord. 

To grow as used here in the scriptures comes from the Greek word auxano, (aux-an-o) which means to enlarge or increase.  To grow in grace is to enlarge and increase in grace. 

Grace is the result of a finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross and grace is also a continuing work in our lives.

It is this continuing work of the Lord in our lives that I want to talk about. 

If we are of the persuasion that we already possess all the promises of God, that we have already received all that God has to give, that we are already a finished product and that there is no more room to grow in grace, we will not benefit from this message.

But if on the other hand we recognize that as we grow in grace the many promises of God come alive according to God’s pleasure, that we are receiving from God everyday, that we are not a finished work but a work in progress and that there is room to grow and mature in the grace of Jesus Christ, we will benefit greatly from this message.
Excerpt from God Thinking XIX - Growing in Grace by Keith C. Powell copyright 2013


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