Saturday, March 30, 2013

God Thinking XVI - Making Wise Decisions 8

"God thinking believes - God is God, Savior, Master, King, Sovereign, Lord of everything.
If you are looking for a relationship with God:
  • Where you can manipulate Him to give you only what you want. Where you can do as you please, even if it is in direct conflict with God’s will.
  • Where no commitment is needed.
  • Where you are in control.
  • Where you say “not thy will, but my will be done”.
You are not going to like God thinking.

God thinking is for those who have come to the place where they can say without a doubt that they have been doing it their way long enough - And found it most inadequate, ineffectual, powerless, impotent, unsuccessful, fruitless and un-fulfilling."
Excerpt from God Thinking XVI - Making Wise Decisions by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2013

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