Tuesday, November 27, 2012

God Thinking VII - Does God Rely On You? 8

"It is the Word of God that makes me and sometimes breaks me, because I have stopped trying to get out of it what is convenient for me and I have chosen rather to make it my gospel.

I believe it, trust it, rely on it, align myself with it, have faith in it, and there is not one word in it that I would even consider changing, because I have come to believe it is the living Word of God.

I know that in the pursuit of knowing God, I will be revealed. 

I have learned to accept God’s chastisement, God’s pruning, God’s purging, God’s cleansing, God’s eliminating, God’s eradicating and God’s liquidating.  

I fully accept the outcome of pursuing a deeper and holier life, knowing that in that pursuit, the pathway is not paved with gold and fleece only, but that God may allow me to go through some things that I find no particular personal inclination to, nor do I find pleasure in, nor would I choose it.

I understand, believe and teach, that God’s grace is sufficient.

I have lent myself and my will to God with the understanding that it is possible, that I might have to change the plans I made previously, in the flesh.

In all this, I testify to you that I have nothing, know nothing,
understand nothing - I have no insight, inspiration, peace or rest - that is not provided for each and every believer and it is provided in God’s written Word."
Excerpt from God thinking VII - Does God Rely On You? by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012

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