Monday, November 19, 2012

God Thinking VII - Does God Rely On You? 1

"God thinking demands that you gain insight into the mind of God, via inspiration - And then move forward with that inspiration and act upon the insight you received from that inspiration.

God thinking was never and is never about gaining knowledge and then idly expecting that the knowledge and wisdom that you have gained, will, in and of itself, attain you to anything.

This happened to the Greeks in pre-Christ days.  They became so full of knowledge that they began to think were something that they were not.  They began to think that they were gods - thus, Greek mythology.

It happened in Rome, Constantinople, China, Mexico and Tibet.  Whole nations fell into satan’s snare.

Elevated thinking without the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is fruitless, selfish, frivolous and temporal, (and fruitless is going to take on a new meaning after you understand God Thinking)."
Excerpt from God thinking VII - Does God Rely On You? by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012 

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