Friday, November 16, 2012

God Thinking VI - A New Way To Think 13

"There are 6 primary components that provide what your body, mind and spirit are made of.
  1. The Spiritual component & God’s supernatural intervention
  2. Your dietary
  3. Your environment
  4. Traditional and cultural values
  5. Previous parental dysfunction
  6. Physiological influences
These six components of your makeup all contribute to the whole person. 
Let's look at each one. 

1.     The spiritual component is made up by what you believe - I mean what you truly believe, deep down in your soul and the faith to make what you truly believe come true. 

Along with your belief and your faith is supernatural intervention, the indwelling Holy spirit and God’s timely impartations.     

But you are a multi-dimensional being, and to serve God with your whole self, you need to understand your whole self and put God thoughts “on top” to deal with every component of your whole self and not just your spiritual component."
Excerpt from God Thinking VI - A New Way To Think by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012 

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