Thursday, September 6, 2012

God thinking LXII - You Have Got To Figure It Out 1

"To seek after God and not find Him, not only in the quiet of meditation, but also in the noise of the day, is proof of how distanced we have become from a pure and holy life.
God has a more difficult task in finding you than you do of finding God.
In your busied life, you manage to be unavailable.  God is always available, but you make yourself unavailable by your actions.
You have managed to disassociate with the never changing Spirit world, for a moment of attention from the ever changing material world.
I am going to help you make some crucial decisions in your life today, because the truth always weeds out the heart.
In your heart, are you willing to make a decision today.
When God speaks to our heart, one of three things happen:
1   You remain unchanged - unmoved by God’s Word for you,not at all stirred up, encouraged or empowered - the true sign of cultural or carnal Christianity.        
Or when God speaks to our heart:
2   You turn away and do not let what God said to become true in you, even
though you hear the voice of God - even though you know it is right - even
though you know that God is dealing with you for your own benefit - even
though you know the consequences of not adhering to what God is saying is
devastating - you turn away.
Or when God speaks to our heart:
3   You are drawn closer.  You are positively affected down in your soul.  You
make up your mind to allow God to weed out every thing that is not of God, by
God or for God and you allow God’s Word to give you the answers of the
moment, the day, for your career, your ministry, your direction, your life, your
everything.  You make a way for God to have His way;"
Excerpt from God thinking 62 - You Have Got To Figure OIt Out by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012

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