Saturday, September 29, 2012

God Thinking 64 - True Freedom In christ 3

"This is a Word from the LORD:
Quit making excuses for doing what God does not sanctify.
And quit doing what God does not sanctify.

You need to be living for Christ and telling your kids and your friends, about:
  • the enjoyment
  • the blessings
  • the excitement
  • the unity
  • the fun and the power of the holy life.
And concerning your kids in particular, instead of making excuses for why you have to let your kids have their own way, you should be revealing to them the innumerable benefits of living the God blessed life..

You need to set an example in the household that sends the message that Jesus is LORD, not with lip service, but by the actions of one who has met the Master.

Without listening to the Holy Spirit, as adult stewards of our children,  our children are at risk for failure and heartache."
Excerpt from God Thinking 64 - True Freedom In Christ by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012

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