Tuesday, July 31, 2012

God Thinking 57 - Apprehended by Faith 6

"Whatever you have been through, it doesn’t compare with what is ahead in Christ.

Whatever is behind, mustn’t be equated to what God has in mind for you.
Whatever is behind you - can I say that despite how difficult or long it took - it was worth it - if what has happened is: that today, God has become your God and your friend.
If you think it wasn’t worth it, Hear this poem .

If every year without your wisdom
And every hour without your peace
And every moment of rejection
Was what I needed just to see
If every lie and broken promise
every sin and virtue lost
if every moment without Your presence
                                  Is what had to be the cost
If all my sufferings that I had suffered
And all the loss that came my way
And all the bitterness and envy
Was what it took to find today              
Then I will gladly take my portion
Of all it took for you to show
All the riches and the glory
                                Of the One I’ve come to know

Excerpt from God Thinking 57 - Apprehended by Faith by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012

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