Sunday, June 24, 2012

God Thinking 53 - Learning the hard lessons 9

"Is this prophetic word for you?

Has God has spoken to you and said, “let it go”, for God’s sake let it go before it consumes you.  Whatever it is.

It could be something damaging to your body, like: substance abuse, or habitual smoking, of over-eating, drugs, or excessive use of alcohol.

It could be something personal, like: hatred, or bitterness, envy or jealously, lying or cheating, living outside of God’s will concerning marriage and intimate relationships.

It could be something spiritual, like: Toying with spirits or divination, testing God or dabbling in forbidden territory.

It could be something simple, like: Apathy toward the things of God, unforgiveness in your heart or an unwillingness to receive wise council.
  • Whatever it is that is keeping you from moving forward and accepting your rightful place as an Ambassador of Christ.  Let it go.
  • Whatever it is that you know that God disapproves of but its had a hold on you so long its starting to take on a life of its own.  Let it go.
  • Whatever it is that keeps you trapped in your circumstances - whatever constrains you from doing what is right, let it go.
God will replace it with something far better, but there’s only room for one God in your life and God will not share His place with anything or anyone.
Whatever is stealing or draining from the time that you sense should be spent with God, it has got to go.

 Whatever it is that rends you powerless in prayer needs to be abandoned. 

Most of us don’t need to post on the refrigerator what it is that is hampering our prayer life.
We know what it is, we just haven’t wanted to deal with it. 

But I say with authority and by permission, it’s time to let it go."

Excerpt from God thinking 53 - Learning the hard lessons by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012 

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