Thursday, June 21, 2012

God Thinking 53 - Learning the hard lessons 7

  • "There’s nothing wrong with living by faith and living a life that shows the love of God. 
  • There’s nothing wrong with having faith that can move mountains.
    There’s nothing wrong with exercising our faith and making a fool of ourselves for Christ.
  • There’s nothing wrong with believing differently that we use to.  God has been trying to get through to some of us for decades and we still act like we don’t even know Him.

Of course you are going to be trampled on.
Of course you are going to be put down by your family.
Of course you are going to become vulnerable.
Of course your friends will think you have gone off the deep end.  Is that such a big price to pay?
Of course you are going to have to face the naysayers.
But what is the alternative? 
A life of mediocrity, always questioning God, wondering if God really knows what He is doing.
Year after year, succumbing to the flesh, having no power to overcome even the smallest barrier.
What is the alternative, telling your kids or grand-kids by your actions that you don’t have a clue?    
Here me.  If you do not instill every Word of faith that you possess in Almighty God, to your children and grandchildren, they will not win in the days to come.
God created a way to live above what this world offers and it’s called God’s faithway.  The highway of life takes on a whole new look when you are on God’s ‘faithway’.
Excerpt from God Thinking 53 - Learning the hard lessons by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012

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