Sunday, June 17, 2012

God Thinking 53 - Learning the hard lessons 2

"Sometimes God has prepared you by allowing you to go through the fire or all the way down in the valley and now He is ready to use that experience to bless you and fill you, and you are but a little step away and you choose rather to deny God His rightful place and you continue on your own mission, and you miss our calling.

Sometimes God uses the years of service you have had to the world to prepare you for service unto Himself, and just before you are ready to receive your promotion into the very light of God, your faith wanes. 

You teeter totter back and forth questioning God’s judgement. 

You let the same world that has been draining you dry year after year to have you again in hopes that you can really make something out of it.

Sometimes you are so talented or skilled, and you have been so blessed, even when you weren’t serving God you begin to think that you might as well just keep serving the world and serving the world and serving the world."

Excerpt from God Thinking 53 - Learning the hard lessons by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012

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