Saturday, June 9, 2012

God Thinking 2 - A God Made Testimony 3

"God allows you to go through some stuff as a proving ground for your faith.  God does not bring the evil, the pain, the sickness, the powerlessness, the sin, the temptation; but in it God carries you through it. 

·       Who taught you that we wouldn’t have to go through the fire once and a while?

·       Who taught you that you don't have to work hard to accomplish the tasks at hand, your life's goals, and to fulfill your calling in Christ Jesus?

·       Who taught you that you would never experience sickness, tragedy, pain, old age, or death?

You might have gone through something that was totally unbearable or maybe you are going through something right now. 
You ask God:

          Why would you let this happen?
          Where are you? 
          Why did you let me go through that sickness for ten years?
          Why didn't you let me have what I wanted?
          Why did you let me have what I wanted, you knew it wouldn’t be good for me?
          Why don't you stop this situation, right now, LORD?

You are going to go through things for the rest of your life, some great things and some things that hurt. 
You are going to be blessed and lifted up - and you are going to be pushed down or lose your footing occasionally also.
You are going to soar like eagles - and there will be days that you won't even want to get up.  But in it and through it all, God is with you."
Excerpt from God Thinking 2 A God Made Testimony by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012

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