Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't Wait 5 - April 24

Don't Wait 5
"Here's what Jesus really said to the rich young man and every one else that is full of pride that rejects the call of God.

  • You've done well with your life
  • You've followed the law
  • You've been a good person
  • And you are obviously a religious man
But to follow me, you will have to give up who you are and you will have to trust me for your wealth.
  • It will take sacrifice and discipline.
  • Those who love you will turn their backs on you.
  • Some of your friends and family will forsake you.
  • The religious will abandon you.
  • Everything you have built will be overturned.
  • You will have to trade in what you think has value for ohter treasures.
  • The government and the religious will think you a traitor.
You will have to follow me into Jerusalem where I will be crucified for a crime I didn't commit.  After that you will be persecuted, mocked, ridiculed and laughed at.
  • You will have to serve others.
  • You will have to relearn what you have been taught.
  • You will have to change:
    • From first to last
    • From controlling to broken
    • From religious to righteous
And the rich young man and many others went away sad.

Had the rich young man and everyone else that has said no to Christ, (accepted Christ) they would have come to know the benefits of following Jesus. They would have learned of the free gift of salvation and they would have understood that the cost is not to be compared to the benefits."

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