Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thought for the Day II

"More of satan's seeds of doubt:"

"How could a loving God allow such a wicked and terrible thing, like the terrorist attacks at the twin towers, the Pentagon and the plane over Philadelphia, happen?" And, "God brought this tragedy as judgement against His people."

You need to know deep down in your heart, Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ was not responsible for 911 or any other tragedy. God did not bring on this kind of tragedy to awaken America or awaken anybody. God did not allow this kind of wickedness to penetrate our country and deeply affect the lives of tens of thousands of people to get our attention. God played no role in the preparation of this attack, as if, because America has not taken the right action on protecting the innocent unborn, God would punish the innocent. God doesn't terrorize innocent men, women and children to teach them, try them or test them. God does not aim airplanes at people to raise awareness, cause people to believe in Him, prove His power, or for any other reason. God does not do these things.

Are we altogether clear on this issue? I hope so, because until you get erroneous thinking out of your mind, there is no place for God thinking."

Excerpt from The Power of God Thinking II by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012

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