Monday, March 5, 2012

Thought for the Day II

"Many people start out in their faith with a burst of spiritual awareness, and quickly fall back into the less inspired life. Some of us start out with good intentions, big dreams and a sure sense of the presence of God. But over time we have fallen prey to the enticements of the world, and we begin to make excuses for what once was a real and deliberate act of our will to love to serve Almighty God with faith and trust and commitment.

Why is it so important to listen to God anyway? Let's look at some of the reasons it is important to listen to what God is saying to us and keep on track with His plan for our life.

First of all, God's way works. I wish you could get really excited about living your life to glorify God. God really does know best. Your creator is fully aware of every component and aspect of your life. Based on God's knowledge of you and His foreknowledge of you, God provided you with a written manual and an inner manual to live by. Within the written manual and the inner manual contain all the pertinent information needed:
  • To secure a quiet and peaceful life
  • To realize your dreams
  • To hone your skills
  • To perfect your talent
  • To find God
  • To get to know God better"
Excerpt from The Power of God Thinking II by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012

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