Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thought for the Day II

"If you are at peace with the decisions you are making, you are probably putting to practice the simple and profound truths that you have learend and accepted as truth from God. In our study of God Thinking, we have talked about many principles:
  • Principles of faith and belief
  • Principles of giving and receiving
  • Principles of focusing on God, praise and worship
  • Principles of seeking and apprehending God
  • We have talked about being on the outside (the outer court).
  • We have talked about being on the inside (the inner court).
  • We have talked about being in His Presence (the holy of holies)
  • We have discussed being empowered, filled, set free and walking in the spirit.
I have heard testimony upon testimony of how God has been faithful to do that He says He will do. Can you take a few minutes and express your love and adoration to God for "How great and wonderful God is?” Please stay true to this main theme, “How great and wonderful God is.”
  • You must praise and worship God.
  • You must seek the mind of Christ.
  • You must draw close to God, so close that you can sense His presence.
Think on putting on the thing of God. AOn top@, (in your mind) and pushing everything else, (the things that
do not glorify God) down and finally out of your life."
Excerpt from The Power of God thinking 2 by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012 

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