Monday, December 19, 2011

Thought for the Day

"satan has no joy, no peace, no love. The attributes that once shined like the sun have all been stripped away. he is unable to do good or think good thoughts. he is vile and full of all things against God. But there is one reason in particular why your enemy is so adamantly against you. he sees Christ in you and he is against everything that has to do with Jesus Christ. satan knows that if he doesn't discourage you, cause you to worry, cause you to doubt, oppress you and tempt you, you will be about the Father's business:

  • Healing the sick - Speaking the truth in righteousness
  • Visiting the widows and the fatherless
  • Keeping yourself unspotted from the world
  • Empowering the saints - Comforting the afflicted
  • Delivering the oppressed - Bringing hope to the hopeless - Strengthening the brethren.
satan is truly your enemy, but he is not a valiant warrior, nor does he have any honor or discretion. his best work is performed in cowards like those who rammed the world trade center. he works in the lives of the ungodly to bring havoc in the lives of the godly. he cannot take your soul, but he can use any and every person, place or thing that is not consecrated to Almighty God."

Excerpt from The Power of God Thinking by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2010

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