Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thought for the day

"If your goal or dream doesn't require the hand of God, then it's not all it could be. It doesn't meet the criteria of a goal or dream of a child of God. Every thing you do is to be by faith with the expectation of God completing you and bringing to pass the impossible, the miraculous. God blesses what He endorses and God endorses His Word. God reveals what He endorses by His Word and by revelation. Are you a dreamer? Can you just agree with me and say Amen?
  • Can you say in your heart, "I need to expand my dream and include the mighty hand of God in it?"
  • Can you say in your heart, "Enlarge my borders Lord and take away any doubt that would keep my dream from being all it can be."
  • Can you say in your heart that you want to seek the high ground - to go after the impossible - to step out in faith and trust God to bridge the gap between the natural and the supernatural.
God-thinking demands that you live by faith; faith that believes God, and God says, "commit thy way, (thy goal, thy path, thy desires, your course of life, your life's goals) and I will bring it to pass."

Do you believe that you should operate in faith with the wisdom of God?
  • Why do you attempt to manage so much of your life on your own?
  • Why do you wait until things go wrong to get God involved in the matter?
  • Why do you make plans without going to God on your knees and seeking His wisdom in the matter?
You must learn to use the threefold foundation of God-thinking in every goal, dream, desire or task at hand.

1 Choosing a goal that can be sanctioned by God.
2 Acknowledging what we are able to do towards creating our goal and acknowledging what is impossible for us to do and will require the hand of God.
3 Talking and listening to God while on the journey."

Excerpt from The Power of God Thinking by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2010

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