Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thought for the day

"Another way you can make sure that the truth you learn doesn't take - Just don't take God seriously.

Example: God is about to change your life. You are on the verge of receiving information from God that is life changing. God is reaching you and you are beginning to understand what He is telling you. God is discussing the next twenty five years of your life with you. You can almost hear the voice of God - and the phone rings. You take the call and miss the message from God. Don't be a cynic and make light of this simple example. It happens all the time. You just don't give God the pre-eminence.

God-thinking establishes a new rule in your life. You don't take another call when God is talking to you.  Think about it, if every time you called someone and they put you on hold, and sometimes forgot to even come back on line with you, would you keep calling that person? The Word of God says, "What is man, that thou art mindful of him?" Psalms 8:4. But we live it like this sometimes, "What is God, that I am mindful of Him?" If God treated you like you treat Him, you wouldn't like God very much.

Excerpt from The Power of God Thinking by Keith C. Powell copyright 2010

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