Friday, July 22, 2011

Thought for the day

"Many times, You and I believed something that the Spirit of God within, did not confirm, even as a Christian.  Sometimes we choose the lesser way.  This is called grieving the Holy Spirit.  One of the hurdles for the spiritual man or woman to overcome is; Our reluctance to let God shed new light in us.

As a people, we so desperately fear reproof, that sometimes we incase what we believe in bronze, so to speak.  It doesn=t matter so much whether it is right, we hold on to it because it fits who we are right now.  We believe many things that we have never seen or understood for ourselves.  We have never seen them in scripture.  The Spirit of God has not agreed with our spirit concerning this or that, but we hold onto it by default.

Do to the lack of personal bible study and impotent teachers, some of us have taken a brazen stand on unsubstantiated information."

Excerpt from The Power of God Thinking by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2010

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