Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thought for the day

"If what's "on top" is worry, fret, doubt, discouragement, hatred, violence, sullenness, bad attitudes, any negative thoughts of any kind - then as the moments of life go by - as opportunities are presented - as God's calling in your life is issued - as your child's life is being formed - as your marriage is passing through time - you will be responding negatively, adversely & unfavorably.

Opportunities to better your life come your way all the time, but if your mind is bogged down with doubt and/or low self esteem or fear, the opportunities will pass you by. You won't even notice them. When God calls, if you are listening to the negative (you can't do it) (you're no good) (somebody else is better) messages - If that's what's "on top" - you will not hear the voice of God.

If you have a dream - a goal - a desire for your life - a task that needs accomplished - if there is some great thing you want to do - if you want financial security or healing - and what's "on top" is a deep pile of discouraging messages that you have heard or stored up along the way - negative messages that tear down - you will struggle and very likely never see your dream come true or your goal accomplished or the desires of your heart fulfilled.

You will have to take charge of what's "on top" if you are going to have wealth - health - happiness - joy - peace - and even true love.

Excerpt from The Power of God Thinking by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2010

Author's note:  (For some of you, when I mention wealth or success, red flags go up as if there were inherently something evil or ungodly about having wealth or reaching some level of expected success.  I have receieved comments about the word success as if it were blasphemy. I am using success in this sense:  Was Jesus successful?  Of course.  Does that mean that all was well and he was enjoying eating sugar-plums on the mountainside in the afternoon and being served in a five star hotel as he dined on caviar and crab legs in the evening?  Does it mean that he enjoyed the repect of the pious-religious of his time?  Does it mean that the leaders of his time rolled out the red carpet when he came to town?  Does it mean that he accumulated a plethora of camels so travel would be easy and that he stored up a hoared of goods so he couold feed five thousand when it was convenient?  Of course not.  Success is found in the way you apprehend your goals and desires, not in the accumulation of them.  Jesus was successful and to strive for success / excellence is godly.  Does that mean that anyone who is not successful (by this world's standards, must not be as spiritual as someone who is successful?  Of course not.  Success is found in the way one lives their life to achieve their goals, not in the apprehesion and storage of material wealth or goods.)

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